Solutrix Difference


We approach every challenge knowing that each customer is different. We invest the time necessary to understand our customers' business model and business practices, while taking into account their budgetary and time constraints, their technology needs and their goals.

We apply our knowledge and experience to find the best solutions for our customers, "even if it's not from us".

We strive to manage our customers' expectations, and develop a strong, open and honest business relationship that will benefit them in the long term.

We focus on being proactive and helping our customers to avoid downtime, capacity overruns and situations that might result in lost productivity and revenue.

Our desire is to equip our customers with technology that will help their business succeed, while avoiding "technology for the sake of  it".



Our technical personnel are in their fields because they enjoy them - which means they are passionate and committed to providing the best solution to you, the customer. They take pride in their work and that directly benefits the customer.



Our developers' skill sets are up-to-date, and they employ the latest technologies and platforms.



We are a 24x7x365 operation and support our customers around the clock. Our customer support is delivered by people who actually care - your problem is their problem.


We have 11 years of experience delivering tailored solutions to a broad range of customers - from small start-ups to larger corporations to local government. We know what works and what does not - so that means less guesswork and more value for the customer.


Even the best web application is a weak link if the infrastructure hosting it is not reliable. We take great care to provide a solid and robust network infrastructure that our customers can rely on. They can rest easy knowing their data and applications are secure, hosted on quality brand-name equipment and monitored and maintained by knowledgeable people.


Our business relationships are based upon listening to our customers. We cannot be successful unless the customer is successful. We never try to force a customer to accept a "canned solution", and instead work with them to find out exactly what is needed. Then we provide a truly tailored group of services that support their goals and business objectives.

Not convinced? Questions? Contact us today - we are ready to listen.