Enterprise Data Backup

"Solutrix Remote Data Backup solved our backup and recovery issues. ...when I need to restore a file, it is secure, quick and incredibly simple. This saves countless hours of time, effort and energy, and this excellent solution provides our business with peace of mind."

        --Systems Administrator, Girl Scouts Council of the Colonial Coast


Unfortunately, in-house backup systems are notoriously unreliable and highly likely to fail in the event of a data loss. Some 40% of enterprise backups fail - even with professional system administrators and costly software. Oftentimes, shortcomings are discovered only after a major event wipes out significant data. Only 34% of companies actually test their backups once they’re in place. Of the 34% that test, more than three-quarters find failures in their backup systems.


Remote Data Backup


Our powerful recovery tool keeps an (almost)unlimited version history of all your files. This exclusive tool allows you to recover any version of your file from any given date. We use a three-tiered encryption system which encrypts data on the user’s computer, again in transit and finally when at rest in storage.


     Choose The Solution That's Right For You


          1) Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA) -  equips every business with the ability to restore critical systems, applications, and business files in minutes. Boot from the cloud or the appliance.  This is affordable enterprise-grade failover.


          2) Data Protection Appliance (DPA) provides protection for data on any server, both physical and virtual. DPA is delivered as a virtual or physical appliance and includes the hardware, backup software, appliance-to-appliance replication software as well as onboarding and technical support. All managed through one centralized dashboard.


          3) Data Protection Cloud (DPC)with so many untethered endpoints, IT is challenged with protecting and securing mobile data that leaves the office. DPC is an enterprise-grade direct-to-cloud backup solution that protects laptops, smartphones, tablets, and physical servers – all in one solution.


File Sharing / Encrypted Data Via Email.


Complete your secure cloud with the ultimate in File Sharing & Collaboration

and Endpoint Protection & Device Management

Why Secure File Sharing & Collaboration is important?

• 50% of firms have blacklisted free file  sharing/hosting/cloud storage

• 66% of workers are using free file-sharing tools to share corporate data

• 84% of finance departments report using free file sharing


Don’t compromise your company’s assets. Enable productivity by sharing and collaborating in a secure environment. Key features designed to streamline the collaboration process include:

• Sync with desktop folders
• Send secure links
• Preview and edit documents in the cloud
• SharePoint integration

Do away with limitations of emails and the unsecure nature of free file sharing services.


Don't neglect your data - with SOLUTRIX Remote Data Backup, you can start protecting it today!!!