SharePoint Portals


SharePoint is not just an Intranet collaboration platform - it can be used to build a complete website solution, including internet-facing (public) sites and Extranet sites. We can customize SharePoint to exactly meet your business requirements in any scenario.



To maintain agility and good internal communication and collaboration, your employees need a reliable way to collaborate, share documents, track project tasks and details. But the extra expenditure associated with deploying and managing the infrastructure behind such technology can be prohibitive.


Hosted Microsoft SharePoint is the answer you have been waiting for. SharePoint is a web-based portal that we can provide to any company, of any size. Your business documents are online and accessible 24/7.


We have found the following subset of SharePoint features to especially be useful to our clients:


Foundation edition is free and has no licensing costs


Project Management templates allow managers to assign tasks, track progress, run reports.


Connectivity to Microsoft Office means you can leverage your existing Microsoft software to do even more.


Site Search - find a document or discussion in just a few seconds


Permissions - easily control access to sensitive company documents, while allowing employees and partners the freedom to collaborate


SharePoint opens up a world of possibilities for today's small and medium businesses. Yet there is no need to worry about managing databases or maintaining expensive and complicated servers and infrastructure - we take care of that.


Read on to find out how SharePoint can promote collaboration, boost productivity and simplify access to information for your business!


New! SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard and Enterprise hosting now available. If you need an older version, we can still host WSS 3.0 and SharePoint Portal 2007.

Edition Comparison - SharePoint 2010



SharePoint allows your employees to use standard Microsoft Office software to post documents and share them with colleagues. Changes can be tracked, and employees can subscribe to email notifications that trigger whenever changes or additions are made to the documents.



Automated Workflow is easily one of the most impressive features SharePoint can deliver. Most businesses today have numerous internal processes implemented via a tedious array of spreadsheets, unwritten rules, and paper forms. SharePoint workflow allows you to take these processes from their current state, to completely automated - or anywhere in between!



Microsoft SharePoint takes information access into a new age. Not only does it have the capability to be a repository of information, work product and forms, but locating this information can be done quickly with advanced search and full-text indexing.

Employees don't even have to be in the office to access the portal - as long as they have a desktop computer with Internet Explorer, they can find what they need. They can even access the portal from a handheld device.



SharePoint is a secure method for collaboration and document sharing. The connection to the server is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which means you don't have to worry about sensitive information being compromised.

SharePoint also supports user-based authentication, so, if necessary, you can provide each employee with a SharePoint username and password. Each employee can have their own dedicated folder(s) or sub-portals, and there can be less restricted folders that multiple employees view and post documents to.

Additionally, your documents and data will be backed up regularly, which provides further security and peace of mind. For an additional layer of protection, we can provide a CD-ROM backup of your data for offsite storage. 



A hosted SharePoint solution is extremely cost-effective. For an affordable monthly fee, your company can collaborate in a secure environment, and you can rest easy knowing your documents are backed up and kept secure. There is virtually no other overheard involved. By implementing SharePoint Forms and automating workflow, you can slash paper and printing costs and drastically increase efficiency of mundane business functions like time-off requests, insurance forms, and add/change requests.


  • Create & Edit Office documents with just a web browser
  • Powerful collaboration features keep your team on the same page
  • User-based authentication
  • Highly customizable via .NET Web Parts
  • Email alerts
  • Automate workflow and reduce paper & ink use