Roof Rights in Hampton Roads

Solutrix is one of the very few companies in Hampton Roads that offers roof rights for data center customers that require feeds from external satellites or antennas.


If you need access to the airwaves on top of a fast, direct fiber network, you can mount antennas and satellite dishes on top of our 6-story building in Virginia Beach. Virginia.  Data to and from rooftop antennas runs securely through private conduits connected to our secure data center.


  • The roof has unobstructed views of the sky as well as downtown Norfolk, where all three local network TV affiliates broadcast from.

Affordable, hassle-free roof access at our top of the line data center enables solutions that aren’t possible elsewhere. Here’s how some of our customers are using rooftop access:



Save time and money by sending and receiving video via satellite or antenna, skipping long-distance fiber connections and using the data center's Internst bandwidth.              


2. Fiber-Like Wireless Access

Offices without fiber access can still get a link to Solutrix data connections using wireless point-to-point data communications over microwave, radio or laser frequencies. 


3Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is built on redundancy. In addition to our redundant   bandwidth connections, roof rights assure business continuity via wireless connections, even if your fiber connections are lost.    


Let Solutrix Engineers Develop Your Roof Enabled Management Plan