Competitive Business Intelligence

Real-Time Snapshot Of Competition’s Dealer Network


Dealer locator applications are a staple of product manufacturer and retailer websites.  They are provided to website visitors as a tool to locate the nearest distributor or retail store. 


With its Web Recovery technology, Solutrix creates a report comprised of every distributor or retail outlet in a dealer locator application.  These applications must be kept current so that the search results reflect an accurate listing. This could include name, address, phone number, fax number, website and email contact. 


Outdoor power equipment compaines have used databases of a competitor's ditributors to -


     - Identify dealers selling complimentary competitor brands


     - Visually represent the geographical locations of competitive dealers


     - Compare the competition's dealer network to theirs


     - Create a sales plan for reps to sell into competitor dealers 


     - Fill in coverage in underrepresented areas 


     - Dealer Conferences


     - Distributor Sales Meetings


     - Training


     - Create targeted email marketing campaigns 


Solutrix will deliver a database in .xls or .csv, format, scrubbed for duplicates  and available for upload into mapping software program