Virtual Private Servers

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Our VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions are hosted on VMWare server farms with the some of the lowest densities in the industry, and come with 24x7x365 support. The server farms consist of HP ProLiant servers with hardware RAID and high-RPM SAS/SCSI disks - no "white box" builds here. While cheap web hosts cram as many VPS's onto each physical server as they can get away with, we limit the number of VPS's to about 8-10 per physical server (sometimes less, depending on the type of VPS and the physical hardware).


VPS solutions are great for businesses that require the flexibility of a dedicated server, but have strict budgetary requirements. VPS's use virtualization technology to run your server "virtually" in co-existence with other virtual servers on a single physical (real) server. The result is the full functionality and security of a dedicated server, but at a sharply reduced cost. And by placing multiple VPS customers on the same physical server, the provider can keep prices low.



Normally a server runs a single operating system on a single piece of hardware. The operating system takes over all resources on this server, including memory, CPU and disks.

With virtualization, the ability to run multiple totally independent copies of an operating system is gained. To the end user, the difference is imperceptible. Click the links to the right if you would like to learn more.

Diagram: Traditional Dedicated Server Model vs Virtual Private Server Model



Cost for a virtual private server is lower than for a dedicated server, yet with no reduction in functionality.

It is not uncommon to have a server with a powerful CPU, yet 90% of the time that CPU is just sitting idle. By combining multiple virtual servers on a single hardware platform, all system resources are much more efficiently utilized.

Customers can request system snapshots to be taken of their VPS before major changes are made; if something goes wrong, the customer can quickly restore the server back to the state of the last snapshot. This feature is great for developers or for servers that are critical and require major changes or software upgrades.

A VPS drives down costs and provides extreme flexibility to the customer. For example, adding more memory, disks or VPS instances can be done in minutes, in most cases. This allows you to be highly agile and meet business demands more easily.



A Managed VPS is a great way to get the Managed Dedicated Server experience, at a fraction of the cost. We will handle monitoring, application of security updates and other mundane administrative tasks, while you focus on what really matters - running your business.



All VPS customers are isolated in their own secure network environment. For extra security, we can provide a managed firewall such as a FortiNet FortiGate or Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway.