Server Colocation




Colocation Explained

Colocation generally refers to placing your server(s) and/or network equipment in a facility that is owned and/or operated by another company. The company providing the facility is usually responsible for physical security, uptime, bandwidth, hardware maintenance and other aspects of keeping the customer's server available. This is a great way to avoid the responsibility and expenditure of maintaining your own facility. 


Support. Even after presales and setup phases, our quality support remains the same. We are interested in maintaining excellencylong after the contract is signed. Oursupport team and engineers are always available to answer your questions, from the time you initially contact us, to the sales and provisioning phases and long after.


Server colocation is a crowded industry, and we want to stand out. We aim to eliminate as much as possible the common colocation "pain points". Support is a criticalpart of colocation. We strive to deliver it on a level that will make you confident in your decision to utilize our services.


Reliability. Your servers and equipment are treated with the same level of respect as our own servers. This means 24x7x365 support and world-class uptime. Weunderstand, like you, that when servers are down, businesses can fail and reputations can be damaged.


Expertise. Not every colocation customer is going to be an expert in the IT field. But the customer can rest easy - we help them at every step along the way. We want toenable businesses to easily get a server up and running with minimal stress - even if they have no prior experience doing so.


Honesty and Openness is our policy. Too many companies damage the customer relationship by simply not telling the truth. It's better to be open and honest than tryto sugar-coat reality. This builds trust with the customer and is the only way to do business


Colocation Overview

Businesses do not always have the time or resources to maintain a dedicated facility to house their servers and other IT infrastructure. In many cases, colocation is the solution to this problem.


Rack Space

Solutrix can provide rack space in increments of 1U, 2U, 4U, half cabinet, full cabinet, and private cage. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs andschedule a datacenter tour. The default rack form factor is a fully enclosed locking steel 4-post 19" EIA square-hole.


Network Security - Firewalls

If you do not have a firewall, your server can be placed behind ours or we can recommend and install a dedicated firewall. Your server(s) will be isolated on their own VLAN or physical Ethernet switch. You will also have access to our engineering team for questions about securing your server - even if you did not acquire thesecurity hardware / software through us.