Managed Email

Let Solutrix take away your email headaches - email is one of our specialties. Whether your requirements are as simple as 1 domain with basic POP3/WebMail access, or a dedicated server with dozens of domains and more sophisticated access methods, we have your solution. Our infrastructure can support extremely high email traffic without skipping a beat.

Our team of engineers has years of experience with email systems, and is ready to solve your email problems - fast. If you have a question about our email services, or email in general, contact us today - we are ready to help.


Spam wastes time. What business has time to waste? Every Spam email you have to manually delete or read adds up. Solutrix can provide Anti-Spam solutions that reduce the amount of Spam you see by 80-95% or more. We can also add virus protection to ensure your users never get that dreaded email with a malicious attachment.

How it works
If a Spam email is detected, our software can either delete it entirely, or tag it for sorting to a separate folder in the email client. If there is a viral attachment, it is removed and the email is sent to you cleaned and with an attached report.

Even if you host your own email internally on a corporate server, Solutrix can provide a layer of additional security and Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection via an intermediate gateway. The gateway consists of one of our servers through which all of your inbound emails are funneled. Our gateway will take care of most of the overheard involved in email delivery, leaving your own internal server to run with maximum efficiency.

Have you ever thought of how much it would cost if your internal email server went down or was unreachable for a period of time? Can your business afford to lose emails? We can provide 1 or more backup email servers that ensure you will never lose an email, even if your own infrastructure is not available for weeks.

How it works

We add our backup email server(s) to your domain, so that there is no way an email can be lost - it either reaches your server, or is cached in one of ours until you are back online. The process is transparent and worry-free.


Today's spammers are known for performing attacks such as DOS (denial of service) RNDR (reverse-NDR) and directory-harvesting attacks on front-end email gateways. Their attacks clog many corporate email servers with vast quantities of Spam and UCE (unsolicited commercial email). This often results in a slow server that requires constant attention. With such dangers lurking, it is no wonder many companies choose not to expose their email server directly to the internet, and instead contract a 3rd-party to be the front-end delivery point.

How it works
In most situations, we implement 2 or more MX (mail exchange) records in your domain, but no record for your own internal email server. These records point to our email servers (instead of yours) and are the gateways known to the world for delivering email to your domain.

All attacks and malicious attempts will target our managed email servers, and not yours. We clean and separate the legitimate email out of the inbound flow, and deliver these filtered messages directly to your own internal email server (such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes). That way the outside world never touches your internal email server - freeing your IT personnel to focus on other aspects of maintaining the server.

As an add-on to this service, we can also handle your outbound email delivery. This allows you to have peace of mind when it comes to outbound email delivery - your outbound emails go to our managed server and we worry about such details as Sender Policy Framework, DNS blacklists, and so forth.